Liz Fraser

Liz Fraser is one of the UK’s best-known writers and broadcasters on all aspects of modern family life.

She appears almost daily on national TV and radio, from ITV1′s This Morning and Daybreak to Sky News, BBC Breakfast, LBC radio, BBC 5Live, Channel 5 News and many others.
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A well-seasoned TV and radio presenter, she also does commercial voice-over work, and so far still has all of her own teeth. 

Liz’s internationally best-selling books about the realities of being a parent re-moulded parenting forever by finally allowing it to be very funny, and accepting that we all get most of it wrong – which is just as it should be.

Her monthly back-page column for Essential’s magazine is called ‘No, It’s Not Just You’, and she has also written features for The Sunday Times, Red, Grazia, The Daily Mail, Mother and Baby, Marie Claire and Woman, among others, and is a Mumsnet blogger.

In May, Liz is launching her new venture, Headcase, a website, YouTube channel and app, which will revolutionise the way we think and speak about everyday mental health issues, from anxiety and panic attacks to depression. But in a fun way. Of course.
Join the global conversation here: @myheadacase 

Liz’s politically incorrect alter ego writes the delightfully filthy spoof parenting advice column, Dear Parenting Guru… now a monthly magazine column, and in development for a comedy series for BBC Radio4.

Her latest book, ’Lifeshambles – notes on the shitstorm of mid-life’ will be out soon.

Liz loves making clients happy, and has done highly-praised consulting and promotional work for a wide range of companies from Nokia to Xbox, Ikea to Paramount Pictures, helping them to tailor their products and tap into the huge, highly lucrative parenting market more effectively. She works for anyone who pays her, in an unashamedly whoreish way.
And she’s very good.

She also gives inspirational and amusing talks about everything from parenthood to blogging to successful self-employment, whether people actually want to listen or not. Luckily they usually do.

Liz has a degree in Experimental Psychology from Cambridge University, and is a key panel member of the think-tank The Centre for the Modern Family.

She is a competitive 5km, 10km and half marathon runner, though her knees are no longer quite so keen on this…